321Blink is a different kind of agency.  We are a rapidly-growing, close knit, group of inventive, energetic people who love finding creative solutions that help our clients succeed. We are a refreshingly different kind of advertising agency. We differentiate ourselves by taking chances and challenging norms. Anyone can deliver the status quo and most everyone does. We just choose a different path.

Our core talents lie in the areas of video production, digital media, web design, graphic design, branding, media buying, and search engine marketing.  We unravel technologies and opportunities that change from day to day and figure out what makes sense for you and your business.

Telling your story is what we do best. Our passion is to help clients get the most out of their brand and have fun while doing it, because ultimately business is about building relationships at every level.

We value our culture, our people, our integrity, and we take pride in our results.  We take the creative process much more seriously than we take ourselves, but we take our client’s business very seriously. Although barely six years old, we have been rated one of the Best Places to Work in Western PA for multiple years. Visit our new office space and you’ll see why.  We’re eager to be your marketing partner!

321Blink Team