The fact that the annual NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) takes place in Las Vegas has NOTHING to do with why 321Blink representatives have attended the past 4 years straight… 😉

It’s because NAB is the largest media and broadcast event of the year. Members of our video production team take this week to network with a global community of like-minded professionals. We see demos of ground-breaking technology and talk to engineers and developers of the products we use daily.


With aisles and aisles of cameras and tech covering the Las Vegas Convention Center floor, NAB can be overwhelming. Our production manager and NAB-first-timer, Tim Roberts, fearlessly navigated this web of gear and reveled in the new technology on display. One of his favorite discoveries were the powerful, but iPhone-sized LED lights from Aputure.

Additionally, all of us witnessed the latest trends in our industry up close and personal. Developments in RAW, drone videography, robotic camera jibs, workflows for editing 360 videos, and more. We sat in on a ton of classes that showcased job-specific innovations. We also took the time to participate in lectures to refresh our knowledge of concepts we use regularly… learning new perspectives along the way.

My favorite part of NAB is comparing camera and lens performances side-by-side. I got that opportunity again this year, mostly checking out cameras with dual native ISO’s.


Though it happens in Vegas, the knowledge and inspiration that we get from NAB doesn’t stay in Vegas. If we’re the explorers tasked with mapping the outer limits of the western frontier, then our artifacts are things like DJI T-shirts, RedRock Micro DigiBoom Hats, Kingston Technology socks, RED Digital Cinema lanyards, and the fact that LaCie is actually pronounced “luh-SEE” (my mind was blown). But more importantly, we’re immediately applying what we learned to our own video content, internal processes, and sharing product info with the rest of our team.

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