Lights, Camera, Animals

It’s not everyday you get to throw on an animal themed sleeping bag and take professional photos of yourself without people thinking it’s weird. Luckily for us, we get to do it about once a year. Read More

Our Office Is… Gone?

Now we can't say too much about this project, but we can say that NBC used our office space to film part of their new TV series "Gone" starring Chris Noth last week. Read More

Licensed Drone Operator

Sam Oshlag, one of our video content creators, passed his exam to become a licensed drone operator! Congrats Sam! Read More

brand awareness

B2B & B2C – Brand Awareness and Content Marketing

Although a company's brand identity is created carefully during it's inception, one cannot assume that the brand's identity will remain intact without the proper processes in place. Read More

Bounce rate

6 Reasons You Have a High Bounce Rate

6 Reasons your bounce rate might be higher than you'd like it to be. Read More

The Post-Production Butterfly Effect

Most of the time an edit to a video is relatively simple. In some cases however, they may cause a chain reaction of updates. Read More

Pet Parade

No rain was going to stop this pet parade from relocating to their brand new facility! Read More

Brand Safety

Every brand, CPG or not, has values and mission statements that their consumers align with and thus create their brand identity, which many companies strive to protect. Read More

Typography Do’s and Don’ts

Typography is a rare art form that requires you to do things correctly. Here are some important tips and tricks to remember. Read More