Flex If You Can ★★★★★

The term “flexing” has seen a bit of a rejuvenation in our modern lexicon. Of course it simply means showing off what you got, whether it’s your clothes, your car, your family, whatever. But what if you want to flex your company, how might you do that?

If there is one thing that the internet has blessed us with, it’s an abundance of reviews and outlets to let our opinions be heard. Probably like a lot of you, when I’m vetting a product or a company the first thing I do is look at the reviews. If I’m making a purchase on Amazon I typically will even sort my search to only show me the products that have 4-5 Star reviews. I don’t want to buy a product with 2 out of 5 stars! I’m also well aware that reviews can be fabricated, or coerced, or written by the seller’s best friend or mom. I tend to believe most reviews and I even think that for the most part you can tell the fake ones from the legitimate ones. In a world where everyone tells you they’re the best, there is nothing quite like third party validation. That’s one of the reasons why, as a business owner, I have always valued, and even curated, testimonials from our happiest clients.

I’m incredibly proud of our company, Blink’s, Facebook and Google Reviews, the overwhelming majority of which are 5 Stars. On our website we have an entire area devoted to “Client Experience” where we post testimonials from customers who have worked with us. These testimonials attest to the quality of work we produce and the relationships we build during the project. Valued customers like Pittsburgh International Airport, Zachary’s Mission, PA American Water, and many more have written glowing reviews of their experience working with us. Some are posted on our website and now these companies have become brand ambassadors for us. Trust me, there is nothing in business that I take more pride in than words like this from a client: “We approached Blink to help us pull this vision together. From the very start, they made the process easy. They were extremely organized, professional, and genuine.” Be still my beating heart.

So how do you flex your company? Testimonials. Use your happy clients to promote your company and the work you do. Leverage those experiences and relationships. Ask them to write a Google or Facebook review. Your satisfied customers will more than likely be happy to write something positive about you.. Use those testimonials in your decks, on your website, and anywhere that people come across your company information. When your prospective clients are doing their homework, they will likely trust the nice things clients say about you rather than the nice things you say about yourself. So go ahead, flex if you can.

Tripp Clarke

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