Marketing budgets never seem to stretch as far as we would like. During a pandemic though, no one wants to spend their marketing dollars at all. However, is that the correct decision?

Media consumption is at an all time high across the board. TV is up. Radio is up. Digital is up. There couldn’t be a better time to advertise, right? Even though we have to work around stay at home orders and quarantine measures, the answer is yes. The most important thing is to stay connected with your audiences. At this time, their attention is all yours. So if you can do some minimal advertising, they are here in mass numbers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have found these key shifts in media:

87% increase of media consumption

Gen Z (16-23) Top 5 Media Consumption Increase

  • Online Videos 51%
  • Streaming TV 38%
  • Video Games 31%
  • Music Streaming 28%
  • Broadcast TV 24%

Millennials (24-37) Top 5 Media Consumption Increase

  • Online Videos 44%
  • Streaming TV 41%
  • Online Press 36%
  • Music Streaming 35%
  • Broadcast TV 35%

Gen X (38-56) Top 5 Media Consumption Increase

  • Broadcast TV 45%
  • Radio 38%
  • Streaming TV 38%
  • Online Videos 35%
  • Music Streaming 35%

Boomers (57-64) Top 5 Media Consumption Increase

  • Broadcast TV 42%
  • No Change In Consumption 24%
  • Streaming TV 21%
  • Radio 15%
  • Online Press 15%

Video Shifts

Streaming TV +38%

Online Video +39%

Audio Shifts

Radio +23%

Podcasts +13%

Music Streaming +30%

Consumers will find a way to listen. Even when in-car listening has been disrupted, 23% say they are listening to more radio now.

Email & Social Marketing Shifts

Email Marketing +1000%

Social Media Advertising +41%

Email marketing and social media advertising, represent two of the most targetable digital tactics available.

  • Detailed data on consumer behaviors
  • Retargeting capabilities
  • Highly trackable

As you can see, there are increases in almost every media category. While being asked to stay home, consumers are watching more video content, listening to their favorite news, artists and entertainers and connecting online with family, friends and brands.

So, are people ready to listen to you? We have a resounding “YES”!

  • 43% of consumers say it’s reassuring to hear from brands they trust.
  • Only 15% of people said they do not want to hear from brands at this time.

Every business is different but while we are all stuck awaiting to reopen, our eyes and our ears are all tuned into marketing opportunities. We have their undivided attention for the most part. Let’s not forget the quote from Henry Ford, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

Source: Visual Capitalist; Global Web Index, Coronavirus Research Report, April 2020, 4000 respondents. 16-64 UK and US.

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