Making a Difference: It’s What We Do

-Kevin Truffa, Senior Account Manager

At the heart of any successful marketing campaign is talented people leveraging their respective skills, creativity, and experience toward a common goal or shared vision. The soul, however, is a deeper relationship. It’s the special bond developed by a commitment to working closely with the client and the overarching belief that the work will result in more than just selling a product or service, it will improve, and maybe even save, people’s lives. 

While we embrace all opportunities to serve its diverse client roster, accounts like Senior LIFE – PA represent those special “heart & soul” initiatives that really allow Blink to be at its best on all levels. Senior LIFE (Living Independence for the Elderly) is a PACE-affiliated, comprehensive healthcare program dedicated primarily to empowering Medicare eligible individuals 55+ age in place and remain in their homes as opposed to entering a nursing home. Senior LIFE fulfills this mission with a myriad of medical and personal care services administered both in-home and through their 12 Health and Wellness Centers located across Pennsylvania.

In fall 2020 when Blink and Senior LIFE first began discussions, avoiding a nursing home was very much a life & death proposition for thousands of seniors given the consequences of widespread COVID in many of these facilities. Despite this and all the associated challenges in the healthcare space throughout 2021, including the continued closure of all Senior LIFE centers during the pandemic, Blink was able to work closely with the client to launch the “Keeping Seniors in Their Homes. It’s What We Do” campaign, a multi-channeled initiative that included video, television, radio, outdoor, print, direct mail, digital, and email. With the creative concept led by Chad Gutermuth, an Art Director at Blink, “What We Do” succinctly and effectively conveyed this simple, but salient message to both eligible seniors in need and caregivers alike.

“As a full-service agency, Blink is at its best when we utilize all our people and employ their diverse talents on an account, and Senior LIFE’s ‘What We Do’ campaign is a perfect example how well our team can listen, collaborate, and create in an agency/client partnership dynamic,” explains Tim McLaughlin, Blink CEO. “The result in this case has not only been work we can be proud of, but work that makes a difference.” 

Blink is currently gearing up for the launch of a year-end Medicare Open Enrollment push revolving around the “What We Do” campaign and the Agency has also developed a strategy to help Senior LIFE with employee recruiting.

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Published: October 6, 2022

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