Tim Roberts

Video Content Creator

Also known as T-Rex

Since Tim is the second Tim at 321Blink he has adopted the nickname T-Rex to help differentiate him from the other dinosaur in our office. If the term “silent but deadly” can be applied to a person, then T-Rex is the torchbearer to that description. He’s stealthy, keeps his head down and is a total workhorse. Tim is one of our Videographer & Editors and is a native Pittsburgher. His academic pursuits have taken him from Penn Trafford, to West Virginia University where he earned his BA, to Chatham University where he received his MFA in Film & Digital Technology. According to Tim, he likes working with video because “it’s the ultimate storytelling medium, requiring literary, visual, and auditory elements all working together to immerse the audience…” Even sounds like he has an MFA huh? In his spare time Tim likes playing hockey and video games, as well as working on local short films.

Email: Roberts@321Blink.com