Video Testimonial Tips

Every so often we are asked to shoot a video for a company that provides insight to who the company is, and what their message is. Although we do this often, we realize that many people we work with have rarely been on camera, if they have ever been on camera at all. That’s why our summer interns decided to put together this short video highlighting some important things to remember when you’re on camera.

Here is the breakdown:

Do not prepare a script.

It comes across as very awkward on camera when you are trying to repeat exactly what you wrote down the night before. Speak naturally and spontaneously like you are having a conversation with your friend. You want viewers to trust you!

Maintain eye contact.

Like we said, you want to appear trustworthy and natural on camera. Looking around awkwardly will make viewers feel uncomfortable and will likely distract them from the message you are trying to communicate. Maintain constant eye contact with the camera or whoever is conducting the interview.

Relax and be yourself.

If you talk with your hands, talk with your hands. If you want to scratch your chin while thinking, scratch your chin while thinking. The stiffer you seem, the more disappointed you will be with your video. Just be yourself… because that is the best you you can be!

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