Notcho Nocheez

Label Design

The Happy Vegan

When The Happy Vegan approached us to breathe new life into their label designs, we were naturally very excited. The product, Notcho Nocheez, is an almond spread that is free of dairy, soy, gluten and GMOs. Our task was to modernize the design as well as bring the labels up to FDA compliance standards. The process of refining these labels involved many concepts, iterations, and even a focus group to test out the new designs. The chosen concept kept the natural feel from the original design by using a textured background. This design was made more contemporary by using brighter colors and a clean, slab-serif typeface.

Notcho Nocheez Original Notcho Nocheez Tangy Mild Notcho Nocheez Tangy Mild The Happy Vegan Logo Closeup

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