Tradition & Craftmanship Live On

Peachey Hardwood Flooring has been creating custom flooring in the time-tested traditions of Amish craftsmanship for generations. But as the industry continued to change and evolve, ownership saw that a shift to more advanced technologies and processes was needed to remain successful. In order to continue their love for manufacturing, the company was sold so that advancements could be incorporated without compromising the long-held traditions and beliefs of the owners who started it all.

In addition to a number of mindful updates made to the manufacturing facility, the new ownership also saw the opportunity for a new brand positioning. Under the banner, “The Beauty of Nature. Perfected.” we helped capture the beauty of the finished product and honor the skills of the craftsmen who create it and stand behind every board. From trade show floors, to sales materials, to industry-specific print and a new website, Peachey has remained true to their tradition of quality and connected with a new generation of designers, builders and homeowners across the country.


the beauty of nature. perfected.

There was a time when hardwood floors were made of wood. When they grew in forests. When they were harvested and milled and graded and crafted by hand. No plastic resins. No engineered laminates. No mass production. Each board carried the unique grains and textures and characteristics of the wild. All the things Mother Nature blessed it with. Then meticulously transformed by the hands and time tested skills of craftsmen. In today’s world of big box everything, finding hardwood floors is easy. Finding the floors Mother Nature created and craftsmen perfected, is something much more rewarding.