What we do.

We provide integrated marketing and communication services for our clients.

We pride ourselves on organically building and growing our services to provide the best resources coupled with experienced and talented staff to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. As communication dynamics continue to evolve, we are constantly working to be forward-thinking in our service offering with the emphasis on quality and results for clients.

Brand Strategy & Planning

We like to follow the carpenter’s rule when it comes to developing campaigns or initiatives – measure twice, cut once. The thought is to incorporate as much market intelligence, customer insights, research and product information to guide and strengthen our strategic, creative and development process.

Our goal is to deliver measurable results and value with every campaign component, and it begins with an approach building on data, insights and information.

Brand Conceptualization & Identity

We utilize the information and insight gathered during our immersion and discovery phases to help us explore and define your brand’s essence. This is the articulation of your brand’s core characteristics that differentiates it from your competition. It is relevant to your audience and ultimately gives us brand anchors to develop your voice and narrative.

From there, we develop the brand identity, the visual representation of your company or service. In this process, we create a series of logo or design options for consideration based on the brand strategy and essence and the business
and marketing objectives. We may also provide a style guide that outlines best practices for all aspects of the new identity – acceptable colors, logo styles, logo sizes and other important brand attributes.

Creative Development & Execution

Across the spectrum of communication channels, our team is experienced in developing thoughtful and creative executions that extend the brand identity and positioning, bringing it to life for the consumer or target audience.

We understand the nuances and best practices of traditional, digital and social executions to deliver campaign components that are effective and work cohesively.

Video & Audio Production

Our in-house production team, extremely unique for most agencies, strategizes, conceptualizes, produces, shoots and edits video and audio for a wide range of applications. Our crew members fulfill the roles of director, assistant director, camera operators, FAA licensed drone operators, audio tech and gaffer on set regularly. We are fully capable of shooting broadcast-ready video content quickly and efficiently.

Our editors possess excellent senses of composition, typography, and animation techniques. We create advanced, high-end motion graphics and excel at color grading and animation. We encode final video and audio segments for broadcast TV, radio, web, and other outlets and can deliver files directly to broadcast media outlets as needed.

Our team members are versatile in on-set audio recording, studio voice-over recording with our in-house broadcast quality sound booth and directing voice-over talent remotely via phone patch.

Our group of skilled directors, producers, videographers and editors create first class video content from brand positioning videos to extensive broadcast commercial campaigns.

Web Strategy & Development

Web development has numerous variables that will ultimately determine the scope and budgets associated with website development. Our primary goal is to ensure the website includes all visual design elements (any new identity updates, colors, fonts, graphics, photos and illustrations) and copywriting (content, tone, positioning, tagline, SEO, and more.) to solidify brand continuity and to establish a concept/idea for the website.

Other key factors to consider will be website planning and strategy, including
site mapping, information architecture, wireframes, design, and development scale/complexity, which will include certain back-end features like a content management system, data capturing, ecommerce, inquiry forms and other functionality.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing allows us to very finely control advertising targets, giving us unprecedented efficiency in our marketing. Not only can we research and choose very specific keyword searches in which to show our ads but target those searches to specific geographic areas nearly down to city blocks, age groups, genders, interest groups, job titles and other segmentation identifiers.

Through a digital strategy, we will focus on keyword searches along with retargeting initiatives, meaning, once a specific user is presented with an advertisement, that ad or series of ad messaging will follow that user while they visit other websites within the same ad networks.

We carefully conduct research on our client’s industry, goals and target markets so that we can develop ad sets within our SEM campaign that are dynamic and will increase conversion. As a Google Partner, we can provide strategic and targeted SEO/SEM campaigns. We can test and learn with continuous monitoring, leading to greater campaign success for our clients.

Email, Social & Blog Management

We take pride in working with brands to assess their current email marketing, social media and blog strategy, identify opportunities to enter new and trending online conversations, recommend types of content to post, and work with clients to create an ongoing content calendar that’s manageable for their team and authentic to their brand voice. Additionally, we work with clients to evaluate the results of paid and organic content to improve messaging and more effectively target the right customers.

Our goal is to create a positive social/online presence throughout relevant online channels. Through articles and posts on social media, blog articles on the website and consistent email marketing, we can share information about brand awareness, specials, services, products, events, specials and more.

We can create monthly social posts and emails (writing and design), as well as help with longer form content as needed for blogging. All efforts will be monitored and reported on in order to determine which initiatives are working and when and how to pivot content and resources. Email marketing, social media and blog posts gives us the ability to review data quickly and thoroughly so we can maximize resources and budgets.

Media Buying & Planning

Every client’s target audience is unique – with many different needs, wants and buying habits. Finding the right media channel and understanding the data-driven dynamics behind the decision is key to marketing effectiveness. Our media team will help make sense of the myriad options and provide the most cost-effective solutions to engage your target audience.

Our media planning and buying specialists have over 35 years of combined experience in developing media strategies that effectively reach our clients’ audiences across several industries.

Over the years, we have developed strong regional partnerships with companies like Forever Media, Lamar, Entercom, iHeartMedia, Comcast Spotlight, and many others. From TV and radio, to digital and OTT, we will develop a tailored campaign in line with your business objectives.

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