Making a Difference: It’s What We Do

-Kevin Truffa, Senior Account Manager

At the heart of any successful marketing campaign is talented people leveraging their respective skills, creativity, and experience toward a common goal or shared vision. The soul, however, is a deeper relationship. It’s the special bond developed by a commitment to working closely with the client and the overarching belief that the work will result in more than just selling a product or service, it will improve, and maybe even save, people’s lives. 

While we embrace all

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Drone Cinematography, and What You Should Know

-Karlee Reynolds, Digital Marketing Strategist

Drone Cinematography has revolutionized the way our production team captures and delivers high quality video and stills. Aerial shots have really taken off in the video business, and as a serious commercial tool for producers, directors and clients seeking to capture more unique perspectives on the world. 

I sat down with Blink’s FAA 107 Certified Drone Pilots, Tim “Ox” Oxenreiter and Mark Fallone to understand the science behind this shooting tactic, what it means for our clients,

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Mark Fallone – The English Sheep Dog – Servant Leader – Scallop Chef

Karlee Reynolds – Digital Marketing Strategist at Blink

Mark and I sat down to discuss his new role as VP of Production at Blink. He gives us a look into how the industry and his career have evolved, his favorite streaming service, how he has zero plans to slow down anytime soon, and will continue to ‘run to the obstacles.’


Karlee: Mark, give me a quick background on where you hail from. Born and raised in Pittsburgh? 

Mark: Yes, Pittsburgh. A little town

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Blink Earns Big in Marketing Communication Competitions

by Karlee Reynolds

Blink recently won thirteen awards for our work in television, video, web design, print advertising, packaging and integrated media through the Communicator and Telly competitions this past year. 

“We’re excited for the recognition of our team’s work and the impact it had on the judges, but it’s the relationships we maintain and mutual success we enjoy with our clients that really matters,” said Blink VP of Creative, Mark Dello Stritto.

“Our clients trust our entire team to create unique ideas

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Five Star Review

Flex If You Can ★★★★★

The term “flexing” has seen a bit of a rejuvenation in our modern lexicon. Of course it simply means showing off what you got, whether it’s your clothes, your car, your family, whatever. But what if you want to flex your company, how might you do that?


If there is one thing that the internet has blessed us with, it’s an abundance of reviews and outlets to let our opinions be heard. Probably like a lot of you, when I’m vetting

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Time For A Logo Makeover??

A logo is critical to a brand’s identity. Frequently lots of money has been invested in them through the years so that consumers immediately recognize them and they carry their own unique association with regards to the cache of that brand.

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Digital Marketing Isn’t As Intimidating As It Looks

When a marketing professional suggests that you have a digital component to your advertising plan, know that in today’s digital environment there is much to consider. Digital marketing works as it’s own marketing bubble but is very reflective of its traditional counterparts. Read More

321Blink Earns Nine Creative Awards

… in Regional Marketing Communications Competition

BELLEFONTE, PA—321Blink, an advertising agency with offices in Bellefonte and Aspinwall, PA, won nine awards for television, video, web design and integrated media at the Central PA Creative Professional ‘Bracket Awards.’

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The Facebook Debate

The power of change comes in all forms. Few have been as swift as the changes we’ve seen in the past few months. From how we adjust our lives as we work from home or go to the store while wearing face masks, to combatting deep racial injustice, and now, even questioning if we should advertise on Facebook.

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