More Food Assistance in Westmoreland County

For some, change is a fairly routine part of life. An event gets moved from one night to the next, dinner plans shift, a meeting gets canceled. For others, change is a bit more challenging to accept and difficult to overcome. And when that change affects one’s ability to obtain food for themselves or provide for the needs of their family, change becomes anything but routine.

Throughout Westmoreland County, individuals and families who find themselves facing changes that impact their lives in ways that lead to the uncertainty of their next meal or needing to choose between varying necessities to make ends meet, have hope.

They find it in the faces of caring volunteers ready to give more, in shopping bags and boxes filled with more food for their table, in programs that provide more security for children, veterans, seniors, and neighbors throughout the county.

Tirelessly working to provide more assistance for individuals and families to ensure that those in need, receive more of what they need to face the changes ahead with more security, comfort and confidence.

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Generating awareness for those who are impacted with food insecurity.