If you’re reading this blog, chances are you already understand the importance of including video in your marketing strategy. Of course, there is real data and statistics to back up these claims, such as “marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users” or “64% of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos.”

But then there are aspects that aren’t easily measured with numbers, like the amount of value video adds to your brand. Or how videos help to build trust between a business and its consumers.

Here are the two kinds of video every business should be including in their marketing strategy in order to add value to their brand and build trust.


A “Who We Are” video gives your brand the opportunity to tell its story. Nobody likes being sold to, therefore, a video like this can show viewers what makes your business unique (or what separates you from the competition), without coming right out and saying it. Nowadays, consumers are able to recognize a sales pitch and they quickly turn the other way. Counteract this by selling your mission, values or culture – not your product or service. Humanize your brand.

There are several different angles your brand can take when producing a “Who We Are” video. Below are some samples that we’ve produced.

  • “Our People” – These kinds of videos use current employees to explain a company’s culture, mission or values candidly on camera. Hearing what the company is all about from the people who work there radiates authenticity, and most importantly, trust.

Here’s a video we created for Mr. John, Western Pennsylvania’s leader in portable sanitation.

Try this: “Our People” videos can be a good opportunity for employees to provide a little bit of personal information such as interests or hobbies. Who knows, maybe someone watching is also a competitive bowler! You’d be surprised at the types of information that can lead to a new customer.

“Our Story” – A video like this would cover the essence of your business. This can include information like why the company started or how it all began. Did you start your business to solve a problem? Or did you start it because your family baked the best apple pie in 3 counties? Open up to your audience and give them a behind-the-scenes look at your beginnings.

Videos like these give your brand the opportunity to show compassion for who you serve and passion for what you do. It is much more likely to elicit an emotional response than other forms of advertising. From the inception of your business until now, you’ve likely grown and bettered your business. Connect with viewers by telling them how you got this far.


Explainer videos are not limited to businesses that sell software or anything else that needs a manual to understand. Videos like this can be used for a variety of products and services. Have you ever been to a website or have seen an ad that left you with more questions than answers? That’s the exact problem these types of videos are created to solve. You want a customer’s first experience with your product or service to be a positive one – so make sure there’s no room for confusion or frustration.

Stylistically speaking, a lot of explainer videos tend to be animations because they’re so simple. However, that’s not the only route you can take. Some services like Giant Eagle’s Curbside Express, or products, like GRiLL-BRiCK™ are demonstrated best with real life examples.

At 321Blink, we’ve been in the video production business long enough to know that there are unlimited ways to showcase your brand, so we will leave this as our final advice: get creative! Think about your company’s culture, mission and values. Brainstorm the types of questions potential customers might have about your product or service and go from there.

At the end of the day, people do business with businesses they like and trust, and there’s no better way to convey both than with video.

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