412 Day

To honor this year’s 412 Day, a day dedicated to honoring all things Pittsburgh, the Blink crew shared what defines the heart and soul of the vibrant metropolis most of us Blinkers call home. From its rich industrial history to its thriving cultural scene, Pittsburgh stands as a testament to innovation, community, and the enduring strength of its people. So grab your Terrible Towel™, lace up your walking shoes, and let’s dive into what makes Pittsburgh truly one of a kind.

Image source: Google

Image source: Google


Pittsburgh Sunrise over the West End Bridge

Early morning runs through downtown Pittsburgh often reveal stunning sunrise perspectives. My absolute favorite is the view of the city from the West End Bridge. It is captivating because you feel like you are still part of the city, unlike looking down from Mt. Washington. From the bridge, you can see how the cityscape melds into the river and hills like it belongs there. When the rising sun hits it just right, it creates a golden purple glaze over the water and buildings that is surreal.

-Kevin Truffa

Fort Pitt Tunnel City View

My top Pittsburgh staple would be coming out of the Fort Pitt tunnel at night, and seeing the skyline. Nothing compares to that as far as city entrances.

-Phil Pagliari

EQT Plaza (formally CNG Tower)

Every time I see the Pittsburgh skyline, the first building I look for is EQT Plaza (formally CNG Tower), as it holds a special place in my heart.

It’s a beautiful building with arches, columns, pillars and tiered landings. The exterior is donned with timeless blue and gray stone, brass and polished marble. The Tower is only 37 years old, but it was heavily-inspired by Art Deco architecture.

It was in that building, nearly 30 years ago and on the 16th floor, that I cut my professional teeth as a 19 year old ad agency intern and later hired as a Junior Art Director. I met so many people in “CNG Tower” who became lifelong friends and mentors. I also met my wife in that building although she wouldn’t date me until I turned 21 – and ironically – we’ll have been married 21 years this summer.

And In a full-circle moment a few years ago, I found myself in the same building, as an ad agency co-owner, with one of my partners and our amazing Group Account Director, pitching a billion-dollar company. Life is crazy.

-Mark Dello Stritto 

The Andy Warhol Museum

The Warhol! Cuz I’m an art school kid, and I love that $#!t.

-Alex Mysels

My favorite Pittsburgh spot is The Andy Warhol Museum. We were walking to a concert once at Stage AE and passed the museum, which we didn’t know was there. We headed back the next day and had such a good time learning about Warhol’s history.

-Jess Wilson

The Strip District

With all the ethnic food stores, street vendors, Yinzer gear, coffee and tea shops, produce, cheese and specialty food – you just duck in and out of all kinds of experiences across a few blocks.

-Terri Petras


Mr. Rogers

Of all of the wonderful things that Pittsburgh is known for, from the First Ferris Wheel and The Big Mac to George Westinghouse and George Benson, I’m most proud that we are the city that Mister Rogers called home. Among the kindest and most selfless people who have ever existed. In a world rife with conflict, chaos, division, and angst, Mister Rogers is a reminder that it doesn’t have to be this way and that we can, and should, truly love each other just the way we are.

-Tripp Clarke

Mister Rogers’ house. I’m not a Pittsburgh’ian, and maybe it’s cliche, but the first time I saw where he lived it was special! I loved Mr. Rogers as a kid and still think about everything I learned from him.

-Jessica Lentz

THE People

I love that Pittsburghers LOVE Pittsburgh. We are loyal to our teams and brands – no matter where we go. 

-Luann McLaughlin

There are so many things about Pittsburgh that I love. But one thing that always gets me is when flying back to Pittsburgh, as soon as I get off the plane, I see a sea of Steelers/Pirates/Penguins/Black and Gold. It’s like a giant hug home and a reminder of how much Yinzers love their city. I lived overseas for a while, and when I would arrive home, and saw people with their Pittsburgh garb on – I knew I was home!

-Jen Mackey

Giving directions by landmarks that no longer exist. When I first moved here I got directions, “Go to North Park, and you know the big tree? Go left…” HUH?!

-Lynn Gakenback


PNC Park

The view of the city of Pittsburgh from Home Plate at PNC Park.  It’s easily the best view in baseball on a blue-sky, sunny day in the ‘burgh.

-Bob Baker

Stage AE

Is one of my favorite venues for live music. It’s a smaller, more intimate setting, and they always bring in cool line-ups. I loved seeing Primus there a few years ago (pictured).

-Sean McCauley

A Steeler’s Game

Nothing is more identifiable as a Yinzer than a Steelers game. People were upset when the stadium changed from Heinz Field, to Acrisure…who cares!! It’s the people, and the fan base that make the environment unique and special. Me and my buddy T doing our annual pilgrimage to watch them beat the Ravens.

-Tim McLaughlin


PNC Park Crab Fries

My #1 thing has to be the Crab Fries at PNC park, ideally while watching the Buccos on a hot summer day.

-Avery Maycock 

Image source: iStock

Heinz Ketchup

I’m one of the transplants to Pittsburgh and although I grew up just about 90 miles away, I never really came to Pittsburgh for much growing up. I was a kid of the 70’s, so I knew Pittsburgh mostly because of sports – Steelers and Pirates. Hockey wasn’t a thing back then so I never even knew the city had a hockey team. But I did know this – it had ketchup. And it ruled. I think for a long time I didn’t even know there were other ketchup brands or even a few catsup brands. All I knew was Heinz Ketchup and to this day, if it’s not Heinz, I’m not touching it.

-Todd Lepley

Primanti’s Sammich

You may need to unhinge your jaw, but it is absolutely necessary to get every-last-bite in one-bite to enjoy the perfection of this Pittsburgh staple. I have a hard time trusting a local that won’t eat a Primanti’s Sammich. It is the Philly Cheesesteak of Western PA. 

-Karlee Reynolds

Image source: madeinpgh.com


My favorite Pittsburgh staple is homemade pierogies. No one makes em’ better than a true Yinzer!

-Becca Lemon

Kaya Restaurant in the Strip

It’s been there forever and is the best Caribbean food I have ever had. Even better than in the Caribbean! The highlight for me is Kaya Fest, where they block off a large part of Smallman Street every summer for just one night, and have a gigantic party. It’s like Mardi Gras in Pittsburgh. Bands, summer drinks and dancers dressed in beautiful costumes. They prepare the food outside in tents. I look forward to it every year!

-Shirley Susa

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