The Do’s and Don’ts of a Company Holiday Party

The 321Blink Holiday Party is fast approaching, so to help people make the most of it (and keep their dignity intact come Monday morning), we created this list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. These are simply recommendations based on our own experiences, but we hope they’ll be of use at your own company parties this season. If we missed any good ones, please share your wisdom with us!


Bring work to the party. You have 40 hours a week to talk shop with your colleagues. Put the phones down, shut off your email, and let the holiday party be a time for fun and casual conversation.

Work hard, holiday party harder.


Get creative with the white elephant gift exchange. Sure, booze is a popular choice, but why play it safe when there are so many zany options out there?

Etsy $22

51 best White Elephant gift ideas under $50 – Business Insider

If you’re especially artsy, you can create something handmade to gift. Last year, someone took home a one of a kind masterpiece of Tim Roberts riding a T-Rex. That’s something you can’t get at Walmart, folks.


Eat before you come. Holiday parties are a chance to eat some delicious foods and desserts. Don’t squander your appetite on a soggy lunchtime PB&J.


Have Uber ready in your phone. If your party’s punch bowl is anything like what our lovely hostess, Luann, makes, the liquor-to-mixer ratio could strip auto paint. Keep yourself and others safe by making arrangements to get home in advance. Our company even offers to pay for our Uber ride home <3.

Actual footage of Luann prepping for the party


Fall asleep at any point during the party. Like we said, we speak from experience (but we swear the 321Blink parties are fun!). Get a good night’s rest, take a nap, just stay awake, okay? (you know who you are)


Bring the right attitude. We get it: some people don’t like to mix their work lives with their personal lives, and that’s okay. However, no one wants to deal with a corporate Grinch at a party! Our best holiday party moments happen when people let down their hair and relax. It’s a great opportunity to get to know people we don’t work with every day and strengthen our bond as a team – something that carries on even after the Christmas decorations have been put away.

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