by Catlin Clarke & Valerie Train

Creating a decadent e-newsletter that your target market can’t resist.

Communicating with your audience on a semi-regular basis is crucial to the success of nearly any business or organization. One of the most common ways to keep in touch is through an e-newsletter. Here are some zesty tips on how to make a delicious e-newsletter dish!


On special today: 5 easy steps served on a silver platter.

1. Appeteaser
First impressions are everything. Hook your audience with an impactful subject line – something that will make them dive right in. Make it enticing so they know by clicking, they’ll get the information they’ve been craving!

18 of the Best Email Subject Lines You’ve Ever Read

dig it

2. Main Course
Now that you’ve hooked them into clicking on your email – it’s time to let them indulge. Give your readers what they ordered with a little extra seasoning. Show them that your product or service cannot be found anywhere else because it’s just too good to compare. The key is to have them begging for your recipe while leaving them full and satisfied.

3. Short and Sweet
It’s easy to go on rants – we all do, but in order to keep a reader interested, keep it short and sweet. The average human attention span when reading online is 8 seconds. The average time spent on reading a newsletter is 51 seconds. Get to the point, but leave readers wanting more – luring them to your website or social media pages.

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4. Follow the Recipe
In order for any relationship to flourish, consumers have to be able to rely on you. At a restaurant if you order the same thing more than once, you expect it to be the same as the last time you had it. In this case, your newsletters must constantly provide fresh, compelling content while keeping a consistent voice and design that is true to your brand. Have consumers believing that no matter what they order, they’ll love it. Your information needs to satisfy a variety of tastebuds while keeping in mind the consumer’s diet.

5. Listen to the Critics
The whole point of creating an email newsletter is to get people to engage and interact. Make sure you’re keeping track of the success (or failure) of your newsletters. You can do this by measuring and analyzing the number of clicks you get from readers, open rates, and learning what topics gain the most attention. If something isn’t working, take it off the menu!

VOILÀ!! Now you’re 5 steps closer…

To a delicious looking e-newsletter…

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