by Scott Peters (Senior Video Content Creator)

I’ve been working for 321Blink since 2013, but I’ve only been Senior Video Content Creator since January 2017. If you’re like my mother, you’d like to know, “what does a Senior Video Content Creator do?”. Well, for those wondering what a typical day in the life of Scott Peters looks like, you’re in luck! What follows are my personal and professional experiences on Wednesday December 13th, 2017. Enjoy, mom!

Senior Video Content Creator – Day 317

7:21am – “Breakfast” (…really just some coffee)

Wake up, get ready, take our dog Opal to doggie daycare; then, en route to drop my daughter Adelaide off at daycare (grandma’s house), my wife Lindsay and I make a pit stop at Starbucks to warm up and get some caffeine for the (15 degree) day ahead. Does this count as a date?

8:48am – Getting Ready for our Shoot

I arrive at the 321Blink office and begin final preparations for our shoot at the nearby corporate headquarters of one of our clients. 99% of our shoots take place outside of our office, so we’ve become pretty good at loading gear out of the back of our office and into our new production vehicle. For this particular shoot, we’ve ratchetted almost all of the gear needed for our setup onto this single dolly so we can efficiently load the gear out of our production vehicle and into our client’s office. Here, Sam’s about to muscle this massive cart up into our production vehicle.

10:44am – This is What Production Looks Like

We have so many different types of shoots, but this is a good representation of what clients ask us to do. Today, Sam, Tim Roberts, and I transformed this CEO’s office into a film studio. We completed a location scout a couple of weeks ago to confirm the measurements and plan of action. We have to setup the backdrop and our equipment very carefully within the confines of this office. We’re basically “portable-studio-setter-uppers” with camera/lighting knowledge and client relations skills.

3:07pm – This is What Pre-Production Looks Like

We’re now back at the office and Tim Roberts and I are wearing our creative development hats. (Note: while everyone else calls Tim Roberts by the nickname “T-Rex”, I do not. I don’t know why. I always call him “Tim Roberts”. Even typing “T-Rex” feels un-natural to me.) We have a car commercial shoot on December 19, that we’re creating a shot list for. That gives us about 1 week to coordinate with crew members (“if you light the interiors, Sam and I can start shooting outside at like 9am when the sun’s more dramatic”), gather necessary props (“let’s see if Luann can print out a physical copy of that Facebook picture”), and prepare a visual style (“let’s have Sam operate the Movi”). Btw, here’s what a Movi is:

4:01pm – This is What Post-Production Looks Like

I’m settling into my workspace to edit a 30 second commercial for a clothing store in State College. I’m working through some quick revisions that the client has requested. You can see some of my favorite details of my workspace: the picture of Lindsay and Jaleel White (Steve Urkel), my 1TB Rugged hard drive named “Cosmo”, and a map of the state of South Australia (Adelaide is the capital).

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5:07pm – Calling it a Day

I’m heading out of the office after a day in which I touched 3 different projects in 3 different stages. It’s considered a “321Blink Hat Trick”. Day 317: complete.

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