For those of us in the industry, we know how much physical labor goes into being a videographer. From transporting equipment and setting up, to tearing down and unloading gear, we videographers tend to break a sweat several times a day. That’s why we developed a quick workout plan to make sure you’re in tip-top shape for a full day of shooting.

Here are the top 3 exercises in our video production workout plan, demonstrated by the most fit guy in our office: Tim Oxenreiter (also known as “Ox”). We like to call this routine “Oxercising.”

Sandbag Lunges

Sandbags are used on production sets to prevent equipment from falling over. But they can also prevent your quads and glutes from getting flabby.

Try 3 sets of 8 lunges using 25lb sandbags. Do these 2-3 times a week and you’ll notice lugging video equipment around will feel much easier.

Video Production Workout
Too easy? Use an apple box for an extra challenge! We call this variation taking it to the “OX-TREME.”

Video Production Workout

C-Stand Pullups

The C-Stand is a versatile piece of grip equipment that can support lights, diffusion, and even our video content creators. You can really feel these in your upper back, biceps, shoulders, and lats.

See how many you can do, and remember – if you can’t do any at all, hold the form and pull. You’ll get there eventually!

Video Production Workout

Kino Case Bent-Over Rows

Our go-to Kino lighting fixtures are somewhat fragile, so we use these hard shell cases while transporting them to our on-location video shoots.

Video Production Workout

These 72lb cases are a great way to target the lower back. Try 3 sets of 5-8 reps.

Video Production Workout

What types of exercise does your crew do to stay in shape? Tweet at us using #Oxercising and let us know!


When attempting these exercises please keep in mind that we are professionals in video, not exercise science. This blog is for pure entertainment purposes only! Consult a trainer before trying these exercises, but consult us for any of your marketing needs.

See the full video here:

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