The Recipe for Success: Effective E-Newsletters

5 easy steps to create an e-newsletter that is to die for! Read More

City Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are still photos in which a minor and seamlessly looped movement occurs giving the illusion of a video clip in the form of a GIF. Check out these awesome Pittsburgh themed ones we created! Read More

Lights, Camera, Animals

It’s not everyday you get to throw on an animal themed sleeping bag and take professional photos of yourself without people thinking it’s weird. Luckily for us, we get to do it about once a year. Read More

Intern Update

Since working at 321Blink, the interns have focused on two nonprofit organizations in the Pittsburgh area: Tickets for Kids, and Brookline Teen Outreach Center. Read More

Our Office Is… Gone?

Now we can't say too much about this project, but we can say that NBC used our office space to film part of their new TV series "Gone" starring Chris Noth last week. Read More


Meet the Interns

This summer we are welcoming three interns to the team: Shemar, Catlin, and Jackie. Allow us to make an introduction... Read More

Over-Promising & Under-Delivering

Over-promising and underdelivering to your customers can have a long-lasting negative effect on your brand's image. Read More

Social Media: A Glorified You

Social media provides the opportunity for a vacation away from reality. But what really drives users to be so engulfed in this online world? Read More

Licensed Drone Operator

Sam Oshlag, one of our video content creators, passed his exam to become a licensed drone operator! Congrats Sam! Read More